Simon Arame

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Nationalité : Double, française et canadienne
Adresse : 7763 Av. Louis-Hébert, Montréal, Québec, H2E 2Y1, Canada
Courriel :
Site web :



Technical personality

Programming language PHP, Java, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, JSP, UML, C#,
American National Standardization Institute C-Language
Integrated Development Environment
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET ExpressWell studied and briefly used.
Eclipse IDEBarely studied and deeply used.
Sharepoint DesignerDeeply compatible with Office 365
Adobe Action Scripts Env.Lightly trialed
Content Management Systems Frameworks
WordpressDeveloping plugins and actively maintaining sites
Drupalacquaintance with version 6
vBulletin 4installed and configured once
File SystemAbility to manage poor storage
Microsoft Office
(Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Systems Ages
CentOSSince 2009
Microsoft WindowsSince 1999
Mac OS XSince Finder 7.5.1
IISSince 2007
Apache HTTP ServerSince 2005

Employee experience

  1. reduire  Independant Java/JavaScript Consultant

    ( 09/2018 - 02/2019 )

    Acceo Solutions Inc., HR agency introduces me as external consultant assigned by Loto-Québec with NTER Technologies inc. that manages EspaceJeux.COM

    • Maintenance of EspaceJeux.COM website ( front-end et back-end )
    • Adding the Favorites games feature in preliminary phase
  2. reduire  Programmer

    ( 05/2018 - 08/2018 )

    For more than 25 years, GTI has built an enviable reputation among leaders specialized in the field of Information Technology. Its five-step project management process targets the specific needs of clients to develop customized solutions that facilitate decision-making and achieve business objectives. GTI puts its knowledge, expertise and resources to work for visionary entrepreneurs, helping them fulfill their ambitions and reinvent themselves.

    • Maintaining and adding features to FileMaker based systems.
    • Multi-platform working with FileMaker 14, 15 and 16
  3. reduire  Programmer-Analyst

    ( 09/2014 - 01/2018 )

    Bibliomondo has 5 millions users, 30 years of experience, 45000 workstations in 11 countries. Working mainly for public libraries, Bibliomondo also offers solutions for towns and businesses.

    Work in progress :

    • Maintaining and adding features in InMedia platform (backend and frontend)
    • Developing a solution for a group of industrial buyers.
    • Developing a e-learning platform for nurses in collaboration with CESS.
  4. reduire  Web Development and firm head consultant

    ( Since 02/2010 )

    Founded in 2010Créations Xsimo ( ext ) is the personal registered enterprise of Simon Joseph Arame. I have collaborated with various corporations to manage their online web presence and their online technical network. Below stands a non exhaustive list of Xsimo's client with a brief description of the accomplished tasks :

    • The not-for-profit Sound Management Institute managed by « Deveaux Brault Munger ». Online maintenance and development of corporate blog and site, mainly ext and ext Installation of automated trimestrial reports of new subscribers. Installation of monitored automated web backups.
    • Marine Science High School (Via Float4) Bug fixes with "Cake" content management system for a embedded system aimed for a N.Y. based High School, see report: ext
    • Ugarit Craft Supplies Ugarit M.A. Inc. ext has over 2000 resellers Canada wide mainly "dollar stores".
      • Main Databases Maintenance
      • Mass emailing and client prospection with marketing tools.
      • Custom E-Commerce Solution for resellers ( ext )
      • Corporate site maintenance part time ext
      • Retailers only website [ ] ext .
      • Installation of automated backups with Guzzle Web Services.
      • Local Private Network Involved ( Router / Wiring / Windows Workstation )
    • C# Application for private client (Via People Per Hour) that analyses poker hands fetch from
    • Alimentation Maison Inc. Initiating a first online order site ext on which client can order frozen food. Mainly in PHP-MySQL, the back-office was also coneived to answer individual request and send updates to clients.
    • Acceo Inc., agence de personel. Available and contracted in maintenance and development mode as analyst-programmer Java[Script]. Agreement taken with Loto-Quebec affiliate Nter Technologies inc. to maintain and improve Espacejeux.COM.

    Technologies exploitées

    • PHP 5.3 – MySQL 5.1
    • Wordpress and them patchable plugins
    • Amazon Web Services (EC2 et s3)
    • Inter-server interaction with PHP curl's multiformat messages
    • CRON Tasks with PHP and Bash Scripting
    • CSS, JavaScript, HTML
    • Google Adwords
    • EBay Seller’s Tools
    • FileMaker Pro version 4 and 11,12,13
  5. reduire  Programmeur-Analyste Junior

    ( 10/2008 - 08/2009 )

    LexUM Inc.ext offers Legal Informations services and solutions ext and searches to improve and optimize the use of technology in legal affairs.

    Tasks :

    • Corrective maintenance and improvements in Supreme Court website.
    • Apache Maven Tools adaptation for collegues.

    Accomplishement :

    • Bases thrown of the renewal of the Intranet « Content Management System » (CMS) « from scratch ».

    Technologically hired :

    • Java 1.5, Apache Tomcat, Apache Velocity, Apache Struts.
    • PostgreSQL, JDBC, Linux kernel’s inotify, C.
    • XML, HTML 4, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, MooTools, Ext-JS.
    • Bugzilla, SVN, CentOS.
  6. reduire  Stagiaire Coop en Assurance qualité logiciel

    ( 09-2007 – 12/2007 )

    IBM ext Canada offers Data Migration which simplifies storage to maintain growth, innovation and compliance.

    Tasks :

    • Software Documentation Readings
    • Integration Tests
    • Test plans execution
    • Collaboration with Software Developer Team.

    Accomplishement :

    • Adaptation, programming, and installation of a documented resource reservation system starting from the generic phpScheduleIt ext module.

    Technologically useful :

    • PHP 5.2 / MySQL
    • TestLink
    • Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro, ..
    • RedHat Advanced Server 4





reduire  Paintings


Les Mariannes
Acrylique sur canevas, printemps 2012

Le Cervo-Transistor
Acrylique sur canevas, janvier 2012


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